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Institute of Forensic Medicine


Medical students

The Institute grants medical students from the fifth year onwards comprehensive insight into forensic medicine. The examination and handling of deceased persons stands at the forefront of the internship. Under guidance the students carry out medical examinations on the deceased and travel with the physician on call to the various incident locations. The interns become familiar with interdisciplinary collaboration with clinically operative colleagues, the investigative authorities (police, public prosecutor’s office) and other experts, and can thus, alongside specific forensic-medical findings, deepen their anatomical and anatomical-pathological proficiency on the basis of the respective case constellation. An internship in forensic medicine therefore represents a sensible complement as well as a deepening to other clinical internships.

Engineering and Natural Sciences

For students of a bachelor’s or master’s degree program, individual internship positions or project work can be offered in the department Forensic Pharmacology & Toxicology.